Tuition and Fees

Northeast strives to make higher education affordable for its students. Current tuition and fees are listed below to help you estimate your total college costs.

Be sure to thoroughly explore all of the Financial Aid pages to learn about scholarship and loan opportunities that may be available to help fund your education.

All tuition and fees subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. Applicants should anticipate an increase in tuition and fees. All fees are due upon registration.


Effective 2022-2023


Based on day/evening classes and 12 - 21 semester hours. Additional tuition for semester credit hours above 21 will be charged part-time. Summer classes will also be charged at the part-time rate.

Residents of Mississippi


Residents of Other States


Residents of Foreign Countries




Based on day/evening classes and 1 - 11 semester hours. Summer classes will also be charged at the part-time rate.

Residents of Mississippi

$182.50/credit hr

Residents of Other States

$346.50/credit hr

Residents of Foreign Countries

$370.00/credit hr



Age 62 years and older
Must pay other fees as applicable.



Residents of Mississippi

$50/course + Course Material Fees

Residents of Other States

$100/course + Course Material Fees

 * This reduced cost for dual enrollment tuition is effective only for the first 15 hours of college credit. After 15 credit hours, dual-enrolled students will be charged the regular part-time rate.

Tuition for audited courses is the same as regular tuition, as applicable above.

Total tuition must be paid by the fee payment dates published by the business office.

The college offers a plan allowing deferred tuition payment for students who cannot meet this requirement. The balance due must be greater than $250 to participate in this payment plan. Contact the Business Office for complete details on the Deferred Payment Agreement.

Students that register during the published general registration dates must pay tuition, fees, dormitory, and meal charges on the day of registration.

Registration is completed, and students are officially enrolled in college after tuition and fees are paid.

Dormitory Fees & Meal Plans

Effective 2022 - 2023

Students that select to live on campus must pay dormitory and meal charges in addition to charges for tuition and fees. Students that pre-register for the upcoming semester must pay tuition, fees, dormitory, and meal charges, if applicable, in accordance with a schedule to be determined each semester.

Each dormitory resident is required to purchase a meal ticket each semester.


Room Deposit


Mississippi, Wood, & Yarber 


Mississippi (Private Room - Limited Availability)    


Wood & Yarber (Private Room - Limited Availability)


Murphy & White        


Murphy (Semi-Private Bath - Limited Availability)


Murphy (Private Bath - Limited Availability)


Summer Dorm




Resident 4-Day*


Resident 5-Day* (Athletics & Band Members Only)  


Resident 7-Day*


Commuter Noon (Monday - Thursday)


Summer Resident 5-Day, 9 Meal Plan (Each Term)


*Includes a $75 Declining Balance Account in the Tiger Grill, Coffee Shop, or Cafeteria. (Unused declining balance account is refundable upon written request when no longer registered as a student.)

Dormitory residents must pay the total entrance fee in accordance with a schedule to be determined each semester. A deferred payment plan may be set up for dormitory residents.

A room deposit of $100.00 will be refunded provided the reservation is canceled two weeks before registration for the fall or spring semester.


Effective 2022- 2023

iPad Fee  $340  
Program Fees

 Full Time


     Part Time


Academic/University Parallel  $390 $39/credit hour
Accounting Technology  $755 $75/credit hour
Administrative Office Technology  $755 $74/credit hour
Automotive Mechanic/Service Technician   $260 $26/credit hour
Business Management Technology  $755 $80/credit hour
Civil Engineering Technology  $400 $40/credit hour
Collision Repair Technology  $240 $24/credit hour
Computer Technology  $755 $73/credit hour
Construction Engineering Technology  $510 $51/credit hour
Culinary Arts Technology  $540 $54/credit hour
Dental Hygiene Technology  $1,250 $125/credit hour
Diesel Power Technology  $470 $47/credit hour
Drafting, Design, & 3D Modeling  $570 $57/credit hour
Early Childhood Education Technology  $360 $36/credit hour
Electrical Technology  $620 $62/credit hour
Heating & Air Conditioning Technology  $420 $62/credit hour
Hospitality Management Technology  $560 $56/credit hou
Industrial Maintenance Technology   $620 $62/credit hour
Information Systems Technology  $720 $72/credit hour
Medical Assisting Technology  $780 $78/credit hour
Medical Laboratory Technology  $1,020 $102/credit hour
ADN Nursing  $1,450 $145/credit hour
Paralegal Technology  $460 $46/credit hour
Practical Nursing Education  $1,170 $117/credit hour
Precision Manufacturing & Machine Technology   $370 $37/credit hour
Radiologic (Medical) Technology/ Diagnostic Medical Sonography   $910 $91/credit hour
Respiratory Care Technology  $880 $88/credit hour


Z-Credit Fee per course - replaces CLEP, AP & Challenge Exam Fees   $ 50
    Nursing Related Challenge Exam fee of $50/exam assessed and collected by the National League of Nursing  
Replacement ID Card per occurrence  $ 15
Replacement/Additional Parking Decal  $ 50
Premium Parking Decal - Cunningham Boulevard - per decal/per year  $ 50
Class Reinstatement per class  $ 10
Class Withdrawal per class  $ 10
    $25 maximum if simultaneously withdrawing from 3 or more classes  
College Withdrawal  $ 25
Returned Check Fee - per occurance   $ 40
Deferred Payment Arrangement Administrative Fee  $ 40
Deferred Payment Late Fee - per occurrence, based on amount due   2%
Late Payment Fee (based on total balance due, or payment due if deferred payment plan has been set up   2%

Payment Plans

Deferred Payment Agreement (Payment Plan)

If a student cannot pay the total cost of tuition and fees at the time of registration, the college offers a Deferred Payment Arrangement (payment plan). Students should contact the Business Office for details. The Deferred Payment Arrangement option allows students to make a minimum payment of 35% of the total Tuition and Fees upon registration. The remaining balance will be due in three equal installments on a schedule determined each semester. Students must sign the Deferred Payment Agreement agreeing to the payment plan and their commitment to pay the remaining balance in installments by the due date.

A late fee of 10% of the late payment amount is charged if payment is not paid in full by the due date.

A $30 Administrative Fee will be charged on all Deferred Payment Arrangements and must be paid in addition to the down payment.

Tuition Pro-Ration

A student who officially withdraws from all classes within a semester may obtain a tuition pro-ration in accordance with the tuition proration policy. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the withdrawal process in accordance with College Policy.

Tuition Pro-ration and Housing Refund Processes