Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success, located on the first floor of Wright Hall, serves all Northeast students (seated, online, and dual-enrolled) by providing resources that promote and encourage student success. 

Students are successful at Northeast Mississippi Community College as they recognize their potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their educational and career goals. The Student Success Center helps students as they build relationships, support students, and empower them to achieve their goals. This shared mission is accomplished through the Three Pillars of Student Success:

  1. Academic Advising
  2. Success Coaching
  3. Counseling Services 

Academic Advising

Through academic advising, the College community motivates students to create a path through which educational, career, personal, and social goals may be achieved beyond their own aspirations. Academic advisors act as navigators on the student’s path to reach his or her goals. Advising includes the essential activity of schedule making but is not limited to schedule making. Academic advising is a teaching, learning, and empowering process wherein advisors guide and students decide.

Academic Advisors are interested in:

  • Helping students define academic goals
    • Degree planning: long term
    • Course schedule planning: short term
  • Providing essential information
    • Transfer planning
    • Career planning
    • NEMCC policy and procedure (registration, withdrawal, etc.)
  • Establishing relationships
  • Empowering students to make informed decisions (We advise, you decide)

Each student enrolled at Northeast is assigned an academic advisor. The student is encouraged to meet with their advisor periodically during each semester.

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities
  1. Provide advisees with current information regarding their particular program of study, including required coursework, degree requirements, transfer requirements, job placement, scholarships, and career opportunities.
  2. Be available to advisees during posted conference periods or for scheduled appointments.
  3. Review student academic records and learning history (ACT scores, transcripts, placement scores, learning problems, etc.) and use this information to help the student plan their curriculum and schedule their courses in order to complete the planned course of study.
  4. Periodically review student academic progress and provide academic counseling and/or referral services for students who require academic intervention - (Student Success Center).
  5. Show concern/patience in assisting students with unfamiliar tasks and maintain student confidentiality.
  6. Maintain accurate records of student progress and implement procedures to enhance retention.
  7. Assist with recruiting prospective students by letters, phone calls, etc.
  8. Make students aware of college and professional clubs and organizations, particularly those that are related to their major.
Student Responsibilities

All colleges establish certain requirements that must be met before a degree is granted. These regulations concern such things as curricula and courses, programs of study, and campus residence requirements. Advisors, counselors, faculty, and division heads will help a student meet these requirements, but the student is responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements.

  1. The student is responsible for being acquainted with regulations and procedures as stated in the college catalog and handbook, and other official publications of the college. For these reasons, it is important for each student to familiarize himself with these publications and remain currently informed throughout his college career.

Priority Registration Day

The first day of pre-registration for the Fall and the Spring semesters will be designated as  Priority Registration Day. Currently, enrolled students will meet with their faculty advisor on that day and during the next week to review the student’s academic progress and plan a class schedule for the next semester.


All students who apply for admission are invited to an orientation on campus. Students who are interested in enrolling in E-Learning courses may participate through an on-campus orientation or virtual orientation.

College Program of Study

A program of study is defined as a concentration of course work within a particular discipline. The program of study is designed to produce entry-level competencies for specific career fields.

Changing of Program of Study

To change a program of study, currently enrolled students should go to the Success Center in Wright Hall for assistance. Prospective students may contact the Office of Enrollment Services in Ramsey Hall.

Class Scheduling

  • The academic advisor will assist students in planning class schedules prior to each semester. Dates for student registration will be assigned by the Director of Enrollment Services. Students should schedule an appointment with the academic advisor several days prior to the registration date to plan schedules for the upcoming semester.

Conference Periods

  • The instructors have scheduled one period each day to be used for make-up work and individual counseling. The conference periods/office hours will be announced in each class and will be posted on each faculty member’s door.

Success Coaching

Success Coaches support, encourage, and empower students to recognize their potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their personal and educational goals. They show an active concern for students, providing both proactive and reactive interventions through ongoing conversations. Success coaching is a teaching, learning, and empowering process wherein coaches guide and students decide.

Success Coaches are interested in:

  • Helping students make concrete plans to achieve academic goals
  • Helping students move toward independence
  • Providing proactive and reactive interventions to at-risk populations
  • Connecting students to resources
  • Establishing relationships
  • Empowering critical thought
Individual Peer Tutoring

Free peer tutoring is available at no cost to all NEMCC students. Students may schedule appointments by downloading the Penji App and creating a profile using your NEMCC email or by visiting the Center for Student Success located in Wright Hall.  

Become a Tutor

Students interested in being a tutor can apply through the Penji app or by visiting the Center for Student Success in Wright Hall.  

Counseling Services

Counselors provide specialized proactive care and reactive interventions for students, especially in regard to mental health, wellness, disability accommodations, coping skills, self-affirmation, self-discovery, and career exploration. Counselors promote personal growth and a sense of responsibility within students such that they are empowered to reach their personal, social, and educational goals. Counseling is a teaching, learning, and empowering process wherein counselors guide and students decide.

Counselors are interested in:

  • Mental health wellness
  • Disability accommodations
  • Support services (workshops and groups)
  • Interventions (disciplinary and substance abuse)
  • Affirmation
  • Career assessment and counseling
  • Building relationships
  • Developing coping skills
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Faculty and staff consultancy and seminars
  • Community professional development and growth opportunities 

The Office of Counseling Services, located in Wright Hall, is staffed with licensed professional counselors available to help students with personal, social, career, and academic concerns. These services are confidential, free, and virtual sessions are available as well. To access these services, simply complete our referral form Counseling Center Referral Form or email us at

ADA - Disabilities

Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (ADA)

Northeast Mississippi Community College provides adaptations and modifications to the learning environment for eligible impaired and/or disabled students. All students with a disability, including eLearning students, are strongly encouraged to contact the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator, Leigh Ann Stewart, in Wright Hall at 662.720.7192, or via email at to discuss their disability and the appropriate accommodations. Students may also contact the ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer Ray Scott located in Ramsey Hall Room 216, or at 662.720.7235.

In order to receive accommodations, students must self-identify. NEMCC Disability Applications can be obtained in the office of the Counseling Services in Wright Hall or online from NEMCC’s website at Disability Accommodations

Career Counseling

The office of Counseling Services is available to assist students with identifying personal interests and values, as well as individual needs as they relate to developing career goals. To begin this process, we recommend students navigate to the Northeast career coach page (Career Coach), sign up, and complete the career assessment (long-version). The data derived from this assessment will be utilized in career counseling sessions, which should be scheduled after completing the career coach assessment. Remember to sign up before completing this assessment; completing this step allows your data to be saved and utilized in upcoming counseling sessions.

Welcome to Career Coach

We give students the skills they need to be competitive in today's economy. We share a vision of a better future by exemplifying exceptional leadership, advocacy, and support on behalf of the community colleges.

Small-Group Counseling/Support Groups

Group counseling and support groups offer a safe and supportive environment for students to meet others with similar concerns. These groups are similar but different, in nature, because small group counseling provides a therapeutic environment, which requires screening for participation; whereas support groups are offered to all students and are normally peer-led and peer-supported. We offer a variety of groups designed to reflect the students’ needs and interests. Groups allow students to share their experiences with others who understand and relate as well as offer support, encouragement, and comfort to others. 

Success Workshops

The Office of Counseling Services offers Success Workshops, which are proactive psychoeducational seminars designed to address a variety of topics; these workshops are offered bi-monthly. Academic support is provided to students in the following areas: time management, organizational skills, study skills, test-taking tips, utilizing resources on campus, and communication skills. Mental health support is provided to students in the following areas: anxiety, stress, depression, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.


Other Center for Student Success Resources


The Co-lab, a designated study area within the Student Success Center, was designed and sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa.  Members of Phi Theta Kappa recognized the need for a space on campus where students could work collaboratively during and after school hours.  The Co-Lab is supplied with iPad charging stations for convenience.  The Co-Lab is open to students Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  


Tiger D.E.N. Food Pantry

The purpose of the Tiger D.E.N Food Pantry is to provide supplemental food and other necessities to students in need.  The Tiger D.E.N. is a free resource for all enrolled students.  First-time recipients submit an online application.  Once the application is processed the student will submit the online request form each month requesting desired items. The confidentiality of the recipients is maintained as much as possible.