Distance Learning

eLearning Office

Kim Harris, eLearning Coordinator

Northeast recognizes the needs of students who, because of various time or space barriers, cannot attend courses in the traditional classroom setting. Through the use of the Internet, Northeast offers students the opportunity to receive classes at their home or office. Northeast is an active participant in the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC), a joint online effort between the Community Colleges within the State of Mississippi and the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges. This partnership increases the number of Internet-based courses that are available to Northeast students.

Faculty and students participating in eLearning courses interact through phone, email, discussion boards, and chat rooms. All online courses meet the same educational requirements as traditional classroom courses.

Admission/registration procedures for eLearning courses are the same as outlined for the traditional classes. Many textbooks for eLearning students are available through the learning management system as eBook offerings.  Any textbooks outside of the learning management system are available in the Northeast Bookstore located in Cartwright Hall. Northeast Bookstore staff will assist students in obtaining books for courses originating from other schools. The registration process is not complete until fees have been paid in the Business Office. Fees may be paid by cash, money order, credit card, approved financial aid (i.e. PELL, MTAG, SEOG, and student loans) or the promissory note plan. For convenience, students may also pay fees via their “Tigerline” account.

Additional information regarding the Northeast eLearning program can be obtained by following the eLearning link from the NEMCC website at

Hybrid Courses

  • Northeast Mississippi Community College recognizes the needs of students who, because of various time and space barriers, cannot attend courses in the traditional classroom setting. We also have taken into consideration the fact that many of these students feel unprepared to complete a course solely through an on-line environment. In order to accommodate the needs of these students, NEMCC has developed hybrid courses which are taught using a combination of two instructional formats. NEMCC hybrid courses combine traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with Internet-based distance education.
  • In the state of Mississippi, according to the MSVCC Policy and Procedures Manual, hybrid courses are defined as those courses with less than 75% of student contact hours provided online. In a hybrid course, a portion of the student’s regularly scheduled classroom time will be replaced throughout the semester by required online activities.
  • Students who wish to enroll in a hybrid course will need to adhere to the same admission and registration procedures as those enrolling in traditional NEMCC courses. Likewise, class attendance and withdrawal processes for hybrid courses will be the same as those which are outlined for traditional students through the NEMCC Student Catalog.


  • Canvas is the online learning management system at Northeast Mississippi Community College. In Canvas, students can access course materials, view grades, submit assignments, participate in hybrid or online courses, and much more. Canvas offers mobile applications that allow you quick access to content on the go. The Canvas applications are available for iOS and Android users. You have full content access from an internet browser, as well.

  • Go to to access your Canvas courses today.