Vehicles Rules and Regulations

Parking Decals

All students who plan to operate a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle and obtain a permit. Students must display this permit on the vehicle when using it on campus.

The fees for parking decals are listed below: 

  • Commuter Parking: Commuter decals for the first vehicle are included in Program Fees. Additional or replacement decals are $50.00 per vehicle per year. Commuter parking is in selected areas. 
  • Dorm Resident Parking: Dorm student decals for the first vehicle are included in Program Fees. Additional or replacement decals are $50.00 per vehicle per year. Dorm students are to park in selected dorm parking only. Dorm students cannot park in Commuter parking or Premium Parking.
  • Premium Parking: Premium parking decals are $50.00 per vehicle per year. Purchasing a Premium Parking Decal will allow students to park on the boulevard. If premium parking is purchased, students will only park in selected areas.

Display of Decals

Decals should be permanently affixed to the driver's side back window. In case of tinted windows or a convertible, students should place the decal on the driver's side front windshield.

Students who sell, trade, or dispose of a registered vehicle should remove the decal and return it when registering the replacement vehicle. Students may return the original decal to the Office of Residential Student Services for a replacement decal; otherwise, you must purchase a new decal.

Providing false vehicle registration information or displaying an invalid decal will result in disciplinary action.

Handicap Parking Access

Upon request, Campus Police or a representative from the Housing Office will outline the steps to register for a handicap parking decal.

Campus Color Codes

  • Blue = Handicap
  • Yellow = Employee
  • White = Student

Vehicle Registration Decal Codes

  • F/S = Faculty/Staff
  • B = Board Member
  • H = Handicap

Temporary Parking Permits

Visitors or students may obtain temporary parking permits for a period of five consecutive school days with a maximum of three issued per semester. These permits are available free of charge for those students who have purchased a permanent decal and need to drive a non-registered vehicle to the NEMCC Campus. The Director of Residential Student Services must approve all exceptions. Please visit Ramsey Hall, Suite 112, for additional assistance.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is for those visiting campus who do not identify as students or employees.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Students are responsible for reviewing and following all motor vehicle rules and regulations. Individuals who register a motor vehicle are responsible for their vehicle at all times.

NEMCC parking regulations prohibit vehicles from backing into or pulling through a parking space. Adequate parking space is available on campus. Drivers may not use the lack of parking space as a valid excuse for violation of parking regulations.

Drivers should not park vehicles in a manner that obstructs parking or traffic. In addition, no vehicles shall park on:

  • Sidewalks
  • Lawns or Grassy Areas
  • Driveways
  • Loading Zones
  • No Parking Zones
  • Crosswalks

Additional parking is available in the parking lot behind Mississippi Hall.

Speed Limits

The speed limit on all college-owned streets is 20 miles per hour. A student who drives or operates a vehicle unsafely could receive a citation and potentially other disciplinary actions.


All pedestrians shall have the right of way at all times on the campus. However, no one must endanger their safety or constitute an unreasonable impediment to lawful vehicular traffic by crossing the street other than at authorized crosswalks or willfully walking or congregating in the street.

Traffic Citations

Traffic citations for parking will be $20 per occurrence unless otherwise indicated.

Students should settle all traffic citations within five school days from the due date on the ticket. Tickets not paid within five school days will increase in cost. Violators may pay tickets in the Office of Residential Student Services in Ramsey Hall, Suite 112. Tickets will be charged to student accounts and billed for non-payment after five business days.

Traffic Citation Appeal Process

Violators may appeal traffic citations through the following process:

  • Students must appeal citations within five school days of the issue date on the ticket.
  • Students can initiate the appeal process in the Office of Residential Student Services in Ramsey Hall.
  • The Traffic Appeal Committee of the College will meet to consider appeals. The College will notify those who appeal the Committee's decision.
  • If the Committee denies an appeal, the ticket stands as initially issued, and if overdue, tickets will double.

Parking Map