Counseling Center

The Office of Counseling Services is a student-centered department that works to enhance and support the development of mentally and emotionally healthy students as they face the new and challenging opportunities college provides. Northeast Mississippi Community College offers short-term solution-focused counseling services to students, prospective students, college personnel, and graduates. The Office of Counseling Services, located in Wright Hall, is staffed with licensed professional counselors available to help students with personal, social, career, and academic concerns. These services are confidential, free, and virtual sessions are available as well. To access these services, simply complete our referral form Counseling Center Referral Form or email us at


ADA - Disabilities

Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (ADA)

Northeast Mississippi Community College provides adaptations and modifications to the learning environment for eligible impaired and/or disabled students. All students with a disability, including eLearning students, are strongly encouraged to contact the ADA/Section 504 Coordinator, Leigh Ann Stewart, in Wright Hall at 662.720.7192, or via email at to discuss their disability and the appropriate accommodations. Students may also contact the ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer Ray Scott located in Ramsey Hall Room 216, or at 662.720.7235.

In order to receive accommodations, students must self-identify. NEMCC Disability Applications can be obtained in the office of the Counseling Services in Wright Hall or online from NEMCC’s website at Disability Accommodations.


Career Counseling


The office of Counseling Services is available to assist students with identifying personal interests and values, as well as individual needs as they relate to developing career goals.  To begin this process, we recommend students navigate to the Northeast career coach page (Career Coach), sign up, and complete the career assessment (long-version). The data derived from this assessment will be utilized in career counseling sessions, which should be scheduled after completing the career coach assessment. Remember to sign up before completing this assessment; completing this step allows your data to be saved and utilized in upcoming counseling sessions.

Welcome to Career Coach

We give students the skills they need to be competitive in today's economy. We share a vision of a better future by exemplifying exceptional leadership, advocacy, and support on behalf of the community colleges.

Career Coach

Small-Group Counseling/Support Groups

Group counseling and support groups offer a safe and supportive environment for students to meet others with similar concerns. These groups are similar but different, in nature, because small group counseling provides a therapeutic environment, which requires screening for participation; whereas support groups are offered to all students and are normally peer-led and peer-supported. We offer a variety of groups designed to reflect the students’ needs and interests. Groups allow students to share their experiences with others who understand and relate as well as offer support, encouragement, and comfort to others. 

Success Workshops 

The Office of Counseling Services offers Success Workshops, which are proactive psychoeducational seminars designed to address a variety of topics; these workshops are offered bi-monthly. Academic support is provided to students in the following areas: time management, organizational skills, study skills, test-taking tips, utilizing resources on campus, and communication skills. Mental health support is provided to students in the following areas: anxiety, stress, depression, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.