Counseling Center

Counseling, Testing, and Career Planning Services

The Counseling Center of Northeast Mississippi Community College offers a variety of services to students, prospective students, college personnel, and graduates. The Counseling Center, located in Ramsey Hall, is staffed with professional counselors available to help students benefit from personal, social, career, and educational opportunities. The following services can be accessed by contacting the counseling staff at 662.720.7313, or email

ADA - Disabilities

Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (ADA)

Northeast Mississippi Community College provides adaptations and modifications to the learning environment for eligible impaired and/or disabled students. All students with a disability, including eLearning students, are strongly encouraged to contact the ADA/Section 504 Counselor/Coordinator, Leigh Ann Stewart, in Wright Hall at 662.720.7192, or via email at to discuss their disability and the appropriate accommodations. Students may also contact the ADA/Section 504 Compliance Officer Ray Scott located in Ramsey Hall Room 216, or at 662.720.7235.

Students must self-identify in order to receive accommodations. NEMCC Disability Applications may be obtained from the Counseling Center in Ramsey Hall or online from NEMCC’s website at

Career and Academic Counseling

The counseling staff assists students in identifying interests, values, needs, and abilities in order to plan academic and career goals. In-depth career counseling is used to help the student in their process of self-assessment. The center offers interest inventories, career information files, senior college applications and catalogs, coordinates senior college visits, provides an annual career and college transfer day, job interview and resume writing workshops, provides financial aid and scholarship information, and up to date labor market information to aid the student in developing a career plan.

Individual and Group Counseling

The counseling staff assists the student to define goals and resolve personal, social, or educational problems. Interview sessions conducted by counselors are kept confidential. Information of a confidential nature is released only upon a client’s written request, in a circumstance which would result in a clear danger to the client or others, or as may be required by law.

Job Placement

The counseling staff offers career planning and job placement services to assist students in finding full or part time employment. Regional employers in approximately thirty counties are contacted annually by Student Placement Office to encourage employing Northeast students. Students are encouraged to visit the Placement Office in Ramsey Hall, room 113, to discuss employment needs and services. To obtain up to date occupation information, contact the Director of Student Placement located in Ramsey Hall, by phone at 662.720.7412 or through the college website. 

College Success Classes

The counseling staff provides institutional credit classes in study skills, career exploration, self-affirmation, and cooperative education. Life Skills Development (3 hours) is an academic credited class.


The counseling staff provides orientation sessions to aid incoming freshmen in learning about the College’s environment. College success programs are presented for high school seniors and prospective students.

Testing and Placement Testing

The counseling staff administers various tests to students to assist them when enrolling in college, and when making academic and career choices. Tests available include National ACT, Residual ACT, SAT, CAPS, and MS-CPAS2. The Counseling Center offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-Career Survey.

The national American College Test (ACT) is given on regular national test dates. Pre-registration is required. The residual American College Test is given on a scheduled basis. Students should contact the Counseling Center for dates and information.

Career Services

The Counseling Center provides free career counseling and testing for those students who need assistance with career decision-making, including choice of program of study. Students are invited to browse the up-to-date occupational pamphlets, catalogs and other career literature in the career center.

The “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-Career Report” is offered as an interest inventory, interest/skill survey, and personality preference instrument.

The Counseling Center provides Academic Support to students in the following areas: study & test-taking techniques, time management, individual and group tutorial services, academic advisement, and student success labs.