Admission to Health Science Programs

Acceptable Health Status

Once admitted, students must supply, on program forms, proof of a physical examination and identified immunizations and tests and must document an acceptable health status.

Review of the submitted data may result in the request for additional documentation, psychiatric evaluation, and/or drug/alcohol screens. Students must comply with any such requests. Students must be able to exhibit performance requirements which include adequate cognition, sensory, affective, and psychomotor abilities in order to perform the duties of a practicing nurse, i.e., vision, mobility, hearing, speaking, and manual dexterity.

Criminal Background Check

In accordance to the Mississippi State Law as stated in the State Statute §37-29-232, Northeast Mississippi Community College Health Science Programs: Associate Degree Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Practical Nursing Education, Radiologic (Medical) Technology, and Respiratory Care Technology require students to submit to and satisfactorily complete a criminal background check/fingerprinting. Admission may be rescinded and reversed based on review of the students’ criminal background check. At any time, the college may ask a student to clarify current legal status by completing the fingerprinting process. Students who refuse to submit to a criminal background check/fingerprinting or do not pass the criminal background check/fingerprinting will be dismissed from the program. Students who are dismissed from a Health Science Program may seek admission into another educational program that does not have a clinical component requirement in its curriculum.

Other Requirements

  1. Applicants to Health Science Programs must meet requirements for admission to the college.
  2. Health Sciences program applications must be submitted by May 1st for August admission or November 1st for January admission (admission in January is limited to readmission applicants).
  3. Applicants to Health Science Programs must provide to the college records office proof of a composite ACT score of 17 or greater and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater.
  4. Applicants (with the exception of Associate Degree Nursing) whose ACT scores are below 17 may be considered for admission after completion of 12 semester hours of prescribed academic courses with a CGPA of 2.00 or greater.
  5. Applicants to Health Science Programs (with the exception of Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Assisting Technology) must complete BIO 2514 and BIO 2524 with grade of “C” or greater prior to admission.
  6. CPR Certification - All students admitted to Health Science Programs must obtain and maintain current American Heart Association CPR certification for Health Care Providers.

NOTE: Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to any program of study. Applicants are rated and ranked on program rating tools. These rating tools are available on the programs' web pages. Applications are available on the NEMCC website.

NOTE: Students who, once admitted, fail to complete the program of study may be readmitted only once to the program of study. A student may reapply for program admission after a period of five years.

Program Specifc Requirements

Dental Hygiene Technology

Applicants for the Dental Hygiene Technology program must have completed the Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum with a grade of “C” or higher to be considered for admittance to the program.   Students must also complete 16 hours of observation for this program.  Completion of the Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum does not guarantee admission to the Dental Hygiene Technology program.

Medical Assisting Technology

Applicants for the Medical Assisting Technology program must complete  BIO 1534 or BIO 2514 with a grade of “C” or higher before admittance to the program.

Medical Laboratory Technology

Applicants should seek an advising appointment with the MLT faculty.

Practical Nursing Education

Applicants for the Practical Nursing Education Program must complete BIO 2514 and BIO 2524 with a grade of “C” or higher.

Radiologic (Medical) Technology

Applicants for the Radiologic (Medical) Technology program must complete all college parallel courses for the program of study before being admitted to the program.

Respiratory Care Technology

Applicants for the Respiratory Care Technology program must complete BIO 2514 and BIO 2524 and either MAT 1233 or  MAT 1313 with a grade of “C” or higher before admittance to the program.

Associate Degree Nursing Program

Individuals seeking admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program must meet the requirements for admission to the college and the requirements listed below.

  • Applicants must apply to the Office of Admissions and be accepted by the college.
  • In addition, applicants must complete the A.D.N. application for admission. A.D.N. program applications are available on the NEMCC website,  htps:// Applications must be submitted by April 1st for applicants wishing to be considered for admission to the program for the fall semester and November 1st for admission for the spring semester. Only transfer and advanced placement students or students needing to repeat a nursing course are considered for spring admission. Late applications for admission will be considered only if space remains available.

Completed application forms may be mailed to:

Associate Degree Nursing Program
Childers Hall
Northeast Mississippi Community College
101 Cunningham Boulevard
Booneville, MS 38829

       Minimum Eligibility Requirements
  1. ACT composite score (or equivalent) of 19 AND completion of BIO 2514 and BIO 2524 with a grade of “C” and a 2.0 GPA  OR ACT composite score (or equivalent) of 17 or 18, completion of BIO 2514 and BIO 2524 with a grade of “C”, completion of 15 hours of required general courses in the nursing curriculum with grade of “C”, and a 2.5 GPA.

    NOTE: Applicants whose ACT composite scores (or equivalent) are below 17 will not be considered for admission or rated unless all eligible applicants have been admitted. Candidates whose ACT composite scores are below 17 must complete the requirements above.
  2. Applicants wishing to transfer credit for nursing courses must meet the admission requirements of the NEMCC and the A.D.N. program and be eligible for readmission to the previous school of nursing. Written documentation of eligibility must be sent from the transfer institution. Courses are evaluated for content equivalency by the student.
  3. Applicants are rated and ranked using a point system derived from objective data which includes the composite ACT score, the cumulative GPA, general courses in the nursing curriculum and nursing courses completed at NEMCC successful completion of  BIO 2514  & BIO 2524 on first attempt, Mississippi residency, and documented professional commitment indicators.
  • ACT composite scores (or equivalent) will be considered if documentation is provided to the college by May 1st (November 1st for January admissions).
  • Professional indicators will be considered on the rating form if documentation is provided to the college by the date of NEMCC May graduation (November 1st for January admissions).
  • Courses completed by the end of the spring semester at NEMCC will be considered on the rating form.
  • Transcripts from other institutions are due to the office of admissions by the date of NEMCC May graduation.
  • Applicants will be rated and ranked in order from highest to lowest using the published rating scale by June 1st for the fall admissions or December 15th for the spring admission. In the event of a tie in the rating/ranking process, admission order is determined by the CGPA.
  • All who apply to the nursing program are notified by e-mail concerning their admission status.
  • Applicants are responsible for updating their addresses and contact information in the Division of Health Sciences office.
  • Applicants seeking admission or readmission to NUR 1229, NUR 2339, or NUR 2449 who meet the admission criteria are rated, ranked, and admitted as space is available in the following order: 1) readmission students, 2) LPN-ADN challenge students, and 3) Students transferring nursing credit from another institution.

Health Sciences rating scale can be downloaded here.

Health Sciences Drug Testing Policy

  • The misuse or abuse of substances is inconsistent with the ideals of health care.
  • Students in programs within the NEMCC Division of Health Sciences are expected to reflect the professional / ethical standards of their chosen course of study
  • The NEMCC ideal is a drug-free educational and work environment.
  • When asked to comply with substance screening, a student must comply or the student will be dismissed from the program of study.
  • Results of screening may result in the dismissal of a student from the program of study.
  • A student who fails to disclose used substances which are documented by the screening may be dismissed from the program of study.