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Student Catalog 2020-2021 (Archived) 
Student Catalog 2020-2021 (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing - Advanced Placement to NUR 1229 Nursing Care of the Family for LPN

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Graduates of this program meet educational requirements to sit for the Registered Nurse licensure examination.

[Camille Beals]

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education, Nursing (ACEN) and the Board of Trustees of Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Students in the program are prepared as entry level professional nurse caregivers.

Mastery learning of some concepts is incorporated within the curriculum. Enrollment in nursing courses is limited to students formally accepted into the program of study. Non-nursing courses may be completed prior to admission into the nursing program

Graduates of the program receive the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree which meets the educational requirement needed to apply for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing licensure examination for the Registered Nurse. A Board of Nursing may, at its discretion, refuse to accept the licensure application of any person who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor or has charges pending on such issues.

Purpose - The purpose of the NEMCC A.D.N. Program is “to prepare a competent, caring professional who can attain licensure as a Registered Nurse and enter the workforce.”

Admission Requirements for the A.D.N. Program are listed in this catalog in the —Admission to Health Science Programs  section.

Length of Program - The general course of study may be completed in 5 semesters or extended over a period of time and will be planned under the general guidelines of the curriculum. All nursing courses within the curriculum must be completed within a five (5) year time frame from initial admission to graduation.

Progression - Students must earn a grade of 75 % in each required nursing course in order to progress in the program. In courses which have theory and clinical components, students must earn a minimum grade of 75% in each component. Nursing courses must be completed in sequential order and are offered once a year. Should a student withdraw from a nursing course after the date published as the last one for dropping a class, that enrollment will be considered as an admission to the course. Students must process the withdrawal request by the class/college withdrawal date or a grade of “F” will be assigned. Students have the right to request in writing a readmission appeal to the Northeast Mississippi Community College Admissions Committee.

Readmission - Students who wish to be considered for readmission should discuss the readmission process with the Division of Health Sciences Academic Head. Acceptance of readmission candidates is determined by the College Admissions Committee.


  1. Complete and submit an A.D.N. application requesting readmission into the program by April 1st for fall admission and November 1st for spring admission.
  2. Meet all admission requirements to the college and the A.D.N. Program.
  3. Submit to a physical exam, psychiatric evaluation, criminal background check and fingerprinting, and/or drug/alcohol screens as indicated.

Students may be readmitted one time to the program. Should a student fail to progress or complete after readmission, that student is considered ineligible for admission for five years. After five (5) years, the former student may reapply for admission to the first nursing course in the curriculum. A student who is ineligible for readmission may reapply within the five year time frame provided that a Practical Nursing Education program has been completed and licensure as an L.P.N. obtained since the last admission.

A student’s past performance in the program, cumulative academic record, and policies in effect for admission, progress, and graduation are considered.

Eligibility does not assure readmission. Applicants are rated and ranked and admitted as space is available. Students who are considered ineligible for readmission have the right to request a readmission appeal in writing to the Northeast Mississippi Community College Admissions Committee.

Graduation - In order to be recommended for graduation with the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree, candidates must have satisfactorily completed the prescribed curriculum with an overall GPA of 2.0, a grade of “C” or higher in each required nursing course and the prerequisite biology courses, and must have completed the second year of the required nursing courses at NEMCC.

At time of graduation, the student should correspond with the Board of Nursing in the state of residence to apply for licensure and should register to take the licensure examination (www.ncsbn.org).

Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses -

A licensed practical nurse who meets the A.D.N. admission requirements may choose to challenge course work to obtain advanced placement. Challenge examination credit for NUR 1118 , and the second requirement for exemption of NUR 1229 - Nursing Care of the Family, may be found in the “L.P.N.-A.D.N. Advance Placement Program” packet from www.nemcc.edu. The grade recorded for courses successfully challenged is “Z”. No credit is awarded until the student completes NUR 1101  or skills review if student does not formally enroll in NUR 1101.  The challenge examination may be taken only once per testing window, and may not be repeated more than twice a year. Challenge credit is good for 5 years. Information regarding this process and associated fees is found in the Academic Regulations section. 

Transfer Credit - Credit for transfer courses will be evaluated on an individual basis.

A student who has been enrolled in another nursing program must be eligible to return to that nursing program in order to be considered for admission to in the NEMCC Associate Degree Nursing Program. If an applicant is ineligible to return to the previous nursing program, she/he may apply to the NEMCC A.D.N. Program after five years or after completing a practical nursing education program and obtaining licensed practical nurse status.

Costs and Fees - A schedule of costs and fees is available with the A.D.N. application packet. In addition to costs for tuition, books, equipment, uniforms, and validation of health requirements, students must maintain malpractice insurance through the college group policy and pay for inclusion in an on-line testing program. Students must assume the cost for the Criminal Background Checks and Fingerprinting process. Each student is responsible for travel and transportation to and from clinical assignments.

NEMCC Associate Degree Nursing - Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

First Year

First Semester

Total Hours: 15

Second Semester

Total Hours: 19

Second Year

Total Hours: 15

Total Hours: 15


All Nursing courses must be completed within five years of initial admission to the program.

Recommended Nursing Course for L.P.N. Advanced Placement Students and Transfer Students

Completion Award: Associate of Applied Science Degree 72 hours

CIP: 513801

Program of study code:  8780

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