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Student Catalog 2019-2020 (Archived) 
Student Catalog 2019-2020 (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition & Fees

All fees subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. Applicants should anticipate an increase in tuition and fees.

All fees are due upon registration.

Fees Effective 2019 - 2020



(Based on day/evening classes and 12 - 21 semester hours. Additional tuition for semester credit hours above 21 will be charge at the part-time rate. Summer classes will also be charged at the part-time rate.)         

Residents of Mississippi


Residents of Other States


Residents of Foreign Countries



PART-TIME and SUMMER (Charged per credit hour)

Residents of Mississippi


Residents of Other States


Residents of Foreign Countries




(Health Science Programs: Associate Degree Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory, Practical Nursing, Radiology, and Respiratory)


FULL-TIME (12 - 21 hours)

Residents of Mississippi


Residents of Other States


Residents of Foreign Countries


**Medical Assisting Students



PART-TIME (Less than 12 hours)

Residents of Mississippi

$41/ hour

Residents of Other States

$41/ hour

Residents of Foreign Countries

$41/ hour



Age 62 years and older

Must pay other fees as applicable.




Classes taught in the High School


Classes taught by Northeast Instructor

Regular Tuition & Fees Apply



            Tuition for audited courses is the same as regular tuition, as applicable above.



Music Majors (2 credit hour course) 


Music Majors (3 credit hour course)


Non-Music Majors (1 credit hour course)     


Students who enroll in private or individual music lessons from Northeast faculty will be charged the private music lesson fees in addition to the costs of other tuition and fees. Students enroll in one (1), two (2), or three (3) hour per week individual music lessons. The classes are conducted for the entire semester. Fees for private lessons will help the College recover a portion of the costs for providing individual instruction. The cost differential is because music majors are required to take classes in individual instruction.



The college offers a plan allowing deferred payment of tuition for students who cannot meet this requirement. Contact the Business Office for complete details on the Deferred Payment Agreement.







Full-time (12 - 21 credit hours)


Part-time (less than 12 credit hours - $50 maximum)

$5/ hour

Technology/ Activity Fee


Full-time (12 - 21 credit hours)


Part-time (less than 12 credit hours - $50 maximum)

$6/ hour

Identification Card

1st Card FREE

Replacement ID Card

$15/ replacement card

Online Course

$30/ class

Course Materials

$0 - 150/ class

Class Withdrawal

$25 maximum when withdrawing from 3 or more simultaneously.

$10/ class


College Withdrawal


Class Reinstatement

$10/ class

Z-Credit Fee - per Course (CLEP, AP, Challenge exams)* $50

Parking Decal

$50/ year

Premium Parking Decal (Boulevard Parking)

$100/ year

Deferred Payment Arrangement Administrative Fee    


Deferred Payment Late Fee  

Late fee is assessed on payment amount due, not the total balance.

10%/ occurrence

Returned Check Fee  

$40/ occurrence

BankMobile Card Replacement


Inactive Card

$10/ card

Active Card

$20/ card



* Nursing Related Challenge Exam fee of $50 is assessed and collected by NLN (National League of Nursing).


Health Science Program Fees

Criminal Background/Fingerprinting 

(Also applicable to Early Childhood Education majors)          


Malpractice Insurance


Simulation Lab Supply


Nursing Supplemental Materials


Nursing Testing

$78/ year

X-Ray Badge (Dental Hygiene & Radiology)  




Students that select to live on campus must pay dormitory and meal charges in addition to charges for tuition and fees. Students that pre-register for the upcoming semester must pay tuition, fees, dormitory, and meal charges, if applicable, in accordance a schedule to be determined each semester.

Students that register during the published general registration dates must pay tuition, fees, dormitory, and meal charges on the day of registration.

Registration is completed and students are officially enrolled in college after tuition and fees are paid.

Each dormitory resident is required to purchase a meal ticket each semester.


Room Deposit


Mississippi, Wood, & Yarber 


Mississippi (Private Room - Limited Availability)    


Wood & Yarber (Private Room - Limited Availability)


Murphy & White        


Murphy (Semi-Private Bath - Limited Availability)


Murphy (Private Bath - Limited Availability)


A limited number of private rooms are available on the third floor in Murphy Hall for female students only. Please contact the Residential Housing Office at (662) 720-7311 for additional information and availability.



Meal Plans

Resident 4-Day


Resident 5-Day (Athletics & Band Members Only)  


Resident 7-Day


Commuter Noon (Monday - Thursday)        


Dormitory residents must pay the total entrance fee by in accordance ith a schedule to be determined each semester. A deferred payment plan may be set up for dormitory residents.

Room deposit of $100.00 will be refunded provided reservation is cancelled two weeks prior to registration for the fall or spring semester.

Fee Payment

Registration is not complete and a student is not listed on the class roll until tuition and fees are paid. Payment must be made at the Business Office. Payment may be made by cash, check, charging to approved financial aid (scholarship, PELL grant, etc.), and/or credit card. Payment may be made via Internet by utilizing Tigerline. Partial payment may be made in accordance with the following guidelines. Students must contact the Business Office to complete registration and lock-in their schedule.

Deferred Payment Agreement (Payment Plan): If a student is unable to pay the full cost of tuition and fees at the time of registration, the college offers a Deferred Payment Arrangement (payment plan). Students should contact the Business Office for details. The Deferred Payment Arrangement option allows students to make a minimum payment of 35% of the total Tuition and Fees upon registration. The remaining balance will be due in three equal installments on a schedule to be determined each semester. Students must sign the Deferred Payment Agreement agreeing to the payment plan and their commitment to pay the remaining balance in installments by the due date.

A late fee of 10% of the late payment amount is charged if a payment is not paid in full by the due date.

A $25 Administrative Fee will be charged on all Deferred Payment Arrangements and must be paid in addition to the down payment.

Collections: Student accounts that are unpaid at the conclusion of the semester of enrollment will be forwarded to an external agency for collection. Students with unpaid balances will have their records placed on “hold” and may not register for future terms or receive a transcript of grades until all balances are paid in full.

Returned Checks: Students with unclaimed Returned Checks will be prosecuted in accordance with Mississippi Law.

Tuition Pro-Ration

Tuition Pro-Ration Policy. A student who officially withdraws from all classes within a semester may obtain a tuition pro-ration in accordance with the tuition proration policy. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the withdrawal process in accordance with College Policy.

  1. Tuition Refund Policy:
  2. All student fees are non-refundable.
  3. Refunds on student meal tickets shall be on a pro-rated basis according to the schedule below. The identification card of a dormitory student serves as the meal ticket. The identification card will be surrendered to the Office of Event Planning and Residential Services when the student withdraws from the dormitory. A student must officially withdraw from the dormitory before refund calculation will be made.
  4. Refunds on student dormitory charges shall be pro-rated according to the schedule below. Students must officially withdraw from the dormitory by submitting a completed housing withdrawal form to the Office of Event Planning and Residential Services before refund calculation will be made.
  5. A student may request an appeal for a fee refund by submitting in writing a request for a hearing before the refund committee consisting of the Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Instruction, and the Director of Enrollment Services. The decision of the refund committee is final.

Refund of Tuition Fee Schedule

Fall & Spring Semesters

Percentage Refund

Summer Term

Though First Week*


Prior to First Class

Through Second Week*


Through Second Day

Through Third Week*


Through Third Day

*Amended June 2019

Refund of Room and Board Fees Schedule

In order to be eligible for a refund, a student must officially complete the residence hall checkout procedure. The following scale applies to room and board refunds:

During the 1st week


During the 2nd - 3rd week


During the 4th - 5th week


During the 6th - 7th week


During the 8th week


During the 9th -10th week


After the 10th week