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Student Catalog 2019-2020 (Archived) 
Student Catalog 2019-2020 (Archived) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Residential Student Services

112 Ramsey Hall

662.720.7306 or 662.720.7311

The College provides comfortable and safe residence halls for students who wish to live on the campus. The college has five multi-level residence halls for men and women students: Murphy Hall, Wood Hall, and Mississippi Hall (women’s residence), and White Hall and Yarber Hall (men’s residence). Each facility is equipped with furniture and utilities essential for comfortable living. Students must furnish bed linens, towels, personal hygiene supplies, and other supplies necessary for resident’s personal comfort.

Each of the suites in White Hall and Murphy Hall have two bedrooms with connecting bath, accommodating four students. Yarber Hall, Wood Hall, and Mississippi Hall have single units with bath, accommodating two students.

For additional information, contact the Director of Event Planning and Housing at (662) 720-7306 or, email rbcoggin@nemcc.edu.

Eligibility for Campus Housing

Students must be enrolled full-time in order to reside in a residential hall. The college will terminate student’s residency, for students who do not maintain full-time status, unless a waiver is approved by the Director of Event Planning and Housing. (Full-time status is twelve or more semester hours.)

To continue to reside in a Northeast Mississippi Community College Dormitory on a continuing basis, each student must maintain at least a 1.75 GPA the first semester of full time attendance. If a student fails to maintain a 1.75 GPA during their first semester of residence, they will be placed on probation for the following semester. During probation period of one semester, each student must achieve a 2.00 GPA during that semester of full time enrollment. If a GPA of 2.00 is achieved during the semester of probation, they will be removed from probation and regain full dorm privileges. Each student will then be required to maintain at least a 2.00 GPA each semester or be placed back on probation for one semester. If student fails to achieve a 2.00 GPA during the probationary period of one semester, they will lose dormitory privileges until they achieve a 2.00 GPA for a full time semester of enrollment.

All dormitory residents are required to purchase a four day or seven day meal plan, as long as they reside in residence halls.

Application and Deposit Information

Residence hall contracts are for the academic semester. An initial reservation request must be confirmed by a signed contract with a deposit. A deposit of $100 must accompany each application for student housing. This deposit shall remain on file with the college as long as the student occupies the residence hall, and is reduced by the amount of unpaid damages or any other financial obligation due to the college at the time residence hall space is vacated.

Admission to the college does not guarantee the student the reservation of a dormitory room on campus.

Students are encouraged to complete their residence hall applications as early as possible. Receipt of application and deposit is used to establish priority for room assignment. Priority deadline is May 1st for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.

Room Assignment

Housing assignments are based on the following criteria:

  • Current Students - Rooms will first be assigned to students who are presently living in a dormitory and who apply by April 1, for fall and November 1, for spring semester.
  • New/Returning Students - Rooms will be assigned according to the following:
    1. special needs
    2. students involved in college activities and required to live on campus
    3. roommate preference and
    4. date of application.

Preferred roommates are required to submit their housing applications together or within seven working days of each other. Should the preferred roommate not request the student, cancel their application, or not apply within the seven-day time restrictions, students will be assigned another roommate without notification, prior to registration. All requests will be honored whenever possible.

Before the end of the fall and spring semesters, current residence hall students must update their housing application by indicating if they will be returning or not returning for the next semester. This form is to be completed in the office of the residence hall.

Students who fail to notify the Office of Event Planning and Housing of their intent to return within the next semester will be viewed as “not returning” and their room will be reassigned.

Students may cancel their room reservation by notifying the Office of Event Planning and Housing in writing or by telephone at (662) 720-7311. The college will provide a full refund of the deposit if residence hall space is not available or the student:

  • cancels prior to deadline dates. (July 1 - Fall semester, December 2 - Spring semester)
  • is denied admission to the college.
  • is prevented from entering the college because of medical reasons, which are confirmed in writing by a licensed physician.

A student who fails to claim an assigned room or notify the Office of Event Planning and Housing of their intentions to cancel will automatically forfeit his/her $100.00 deposit

Refund of Room and Board Fees Schedule

In order to be eligible for a refund, a student must officially complete the residence hall checkout procedure. The following scale applies to room and board refunds:

During the 1st week 90%
During the 2nd - 3rd week 80%
During the 4th - 5th week 70%
During the 6th week 60%
During the 7th 50%
During the 9th 40%
After the 10th week 0%


Student Identification Cards

Student ID cards will be made after the student has completed all registration processes including fee payment.  A replacement card can be purchased in the Housing Office of Ramsey Hall for a fee of $15.00. The student ID must be worn on a visible location of ones person at all times when on College property.

The student ID is required to check out books in the library, write checks on campus, charge against financial aid in the bookstore, pick up grant and loan checks and participate in school elections.  Students with valid Northeast ID are admitted to college activities ad events at no charge. It is the student’s responsibility to get the card updated at the start of each new semester.

Students must present their student ID when requested by any College personnel.  A student who does not present an ID card or lends his/her ID card will be subject to disciplinary action by the Vice President of Student Services in Ramsey Hall.