Mar 05, 2021  
Student Catalog 2020-2021 
Student Catalog 2020-2021

Student Services

Child Care Center

The Northeast Mississippi Community College Child Care Center is located in Waller Hall, 1st floor. The purpose of the Child Care Center is to provide a learning-readiness environment for young children, to demonstrate principles of guidance, and to provide college students with opportunities for observing, interacting with, and teaching young children. Enrollment is open to three- and four-year old children of NEMCC students, faculty and staff. Children must be potty-trained and able to feed themselves. A completed application form, an enrollment form, Immunization Compliance Form #121, a certified birth certificate, a copy of each child’s social security card, and the Child Care/Head Start meal application must be on file before school begins. Upon notification by the center, a fifteen ($15) dollar registration fee must be paid for each child accepted into the Child Care Center.

The Child Care Center operates from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, during the times scheduled for day classes during the fall and spring semesters. The Center reserves the right to close for one day per semester to allow for staff and student development.

For more information contact Jenniffer Newell at or (662)720-7214. Slots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There is an established fee schedule for Child Care Services.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services provide resource areas for tutorial assistance and supplemental learning enhancement. These services offer learning opportunities through individual assistance and computer-based instruction. The main objective of Student Support Services is to enhance and improve student’s abilities and subsequently elevate their individual success as a college student. The Student Support Services program is coordinated by the Counseling Center in Ramsey Hall and offers assistance in English, mathematics, and reading.


Academic Advising

Each student enrolled at Northeast is assigned an academic advisor. The student is encouraged to meet with their advisor periodically during each semester. The role of the faculty advisor is (1) to plan the class schedule, (2) to provide up-to-date information about careers, (3) to refer students to the proper sources for assistance, (4) to encourage students in their efforts to be successful, and (5) to approve academic programs for graduation from Northeast Mississippi Community College.

  • Student Responsibilities

    • All colleges establish certain requirements that must be met before a degree is granted. These regulations concern such things as curricula and courses, programs of study, and campus residence requirements. Advisors, counselors, faculty, and division heads will help a student meet these requirements, but the student is responsible for fulfilling the degree requirements.
    • The student is responsible for being acquainted with regulations and procedures as stated in the college catalog and handbook, and other official publications of the college. For these reasons, it is important for each student to familiarize himself with these publications and remain currently informed throughout his college career.
  • Priority Registration Day

    • The first day of pre-registration for the Fall and the Spring semesters will be designated as  Priority Registration Day. Currently enrolled students will meet with their faculty advisor on that day and during the next week to review the student’s academic progress and to plan a class schedule for the next semester.
  • Orientation

    • All students who apply for admission are invited to an orientation on campus. Students who are interested in enrolling in E-Learning courses may participate through an on-campus orientation or virtual orientation that is available through the college’s website (
  • College Program of Study

    • A program of study is defined as a concentration of course work within a particular discipline. The program of study is designed to produce entry-level competencies for specific career fields.
    • Changing of Program of Study

      To change a program of study, currently enrolled students should go to the Counseling Center in Ramsey Hall for assistance. Prospective students may contact the Office of Enrollment Services in Ramsey Hall.

  • Class Scheduling

    • The academic advisor will assist students in planning class schedules prior to each semester. Dates for student registration will be assigned by the Director of Enrollment Services. Students should schedule an appointment with the academic advisor several days prior to the registration date to plan schedules for the upcoming semester.
  • Conference Periods

    • The instructors have scheduled one period each day to be used for make-up work and individual counseling. The conference periods/office hours will be announced in each class and will be posted on each faculty member’s door.